This is the homepage of ED366 – educational technology and the adult learner. It’s the fourth time that I’ve taught this course, and as i seem to use different technologies each time i teach it, I thought i would create a more or less permanent home for it. This will be the first year that we have student posts from last year in the same spot as students from this year. A few people have suggested to me that they think this is a good idea. I’m not sure how it could hurt… so I’m going to try it.

Official course description

This course examines the integration of computers and other technologies into adult technology education curricula and in business and industry sectors. It provides an overview of current computer-based technologies (e.g. various software and presentation programs, Internet, World Wide Web resources, CD-Roms, online communication, Computer Assisted Technology), and the effective use of other mutimedia technology (e.g. video and overhead projectors). Students develop animation skills for instructional purposes and learn audio production processes.
Three hours a week.

What does this mean in practice

Well… we’re not really going to talk about CD Roms. But, broadly speaking, we’ll cover the rest… though it’s not a computer course… which is what this sounds like. It’s a learning course that happens to encompass a bunch of technologies.

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