The Learner’s responsibility ED366

As educators we want to promote and encourage active participation and group self reliance with collaborative learning.

Technology can be added as a tool to support learners throughout the educational process. The use of the internet has opened up vast opportunities for collaborative learning. The learners are able to share their knowledge using technology as a means to their resource and communication.

I feel as though we have modeled collaborative learning the past two weeks of this course as we share presentations and new tools with our fellow peers. Through activities we are taking responsibility for our own learning by having to apply out new found knowledge. People have mentored others along the way and through this process we see the importance of collaborative learning. Last night during the webcast we were having a collaborative Ah Ha moment. The moment Dave posted a new picture on the whiteboard, within minutes we had a picture sketched. I give Dave credit because some instructors may have been perturbed with us but it amazed me what appeared on the white board when we were not even engaging in conversation.

There are many people who say there are many learners who do not step up to the plate and take responsibility for their own learning. Some feel we are spoon feeding our learners and we make the learning process too easy.  It is my belief I am here to mentor my learners to be the best they can be and to offer the assistance and knowledge I was hired to deliver. This is a challenge to all instructors as there are so many delivery methods as well as learning styles for our own learners. In order to be successful I do believe you have to take charge of your personal learning. As instructors we must realize any educational technology can be used in collaborative learning

Wishing all dad’s a wonderful Father’s Day and big congratulations to Carolyn and John on their CAE graduation on Saturday evening.

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