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  1. Hi All,

I came into the course today not knowing what to expect. I was excited and very nervous at the same time. This is my second course towards my CAE. I am normally a procrastinator when it comes to writing about myself. I’m hoping this will give me an opportunity to be more relaxed about all the available ways to communicate.

I enjoy new challenges and am looking forward to expanding my brain over the next seven days. I had started a Twitter account before, however I never sent a single tweet.

I’m not entirely technically illiterate though. I do have a YouTube channel with a lot of course related videos that I use to illustrate some of the points I’ve made in class. It has been a great resource that the students seem to relate to. I’m hoping I can expand on that. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this little fact, I also have hundreds of hours logged playing my PlayStation.

At the end of class today I was relieved. Not because it was over, but because I was still excited and a lot more relaxed. It’s been along time since I left a class as a student and had a smile on my face. The way we did the introductions I thought was great. It is much easier to describe someone else than onesself.(spellcheck)

I am already seeing the ways I can use some of what I learned today in my classroom. I normally don’t care much for PowerPoint however I enjoyed Daves PowerPoint on the simple, complicated, and complex challenges we can be faced with.It reminded me of some of the challenges we have in teaching adults as opposed to children. Adults bring a lot more life experience into the learning process. Some more complex than others.

It was a pleasure learning about my fellow classmates and our Professor Dave. I’m looking forward to the networking opportunities and am thrilled at the chance to bring back what I will learn to my classroom.  My main goals for this course are to stay current with the advances in communication and to ultimately become a better instructor. In closing I would like to point out that my laptop was not cooperating with me in writing this blog. I hope it will come out formatted and not one big jumble of words as I’m writing this on my iPhone.





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2 thoughts on “Alan’s first blog post”

  1. Your formatting turned out pretty well Alan 🙂

    That playstation experience is interesting. I’ve already seen it come up in class as a point of experience for you. That’s exactly the kind of literacy that it could be interesting to build on. Those group/community interactions are at the core of networking and it’ll be interesting to see if they translate to other ideas during the course.

  2. Thanks Alan,
    I would be interested in learning about how you create and upload videos and use you tube as a teaching tool. I know it would be beneficial to my distance and onsite students.

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