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I am still not sure of what my expectations are of the course as of yet. Today seemed to go by very fast with a lot of communication, which was much better then being stuck on a computer.  It was good to see some familiar faces from other courses and meet some new people.  I enjoy social interaction and would much rather have a face to face conversation with a person, instead of sending something in an email or text.

One goal for the course would be to learn more about technology and find better ways to utilise it in my subject matter (firearms). Right now I feel because of what I teach, the use of technology is very limited to power points or videos. I have had little to no exposure with the use of technology myself, however, I really hope this courses opens up some new avenues for me to proceed down as an instructor. I would like to take away some new forms or mediums that I can incorporate in my class to keep the lecture side of things interesting. I hope to discover some new types of technology that will assist in this goal.

One idea that I had today while driving home was  to develop a website,  where I could upload some safety training information or videos in relation to  firearms training, as the safety aspect is the same for all weapons systems and all levels, be it a recruit level or instructor level.  As my current students range from in house Cadets, to shift workers living everywhere from Nunavut to Ontario,  I think having this information available to them at their convenience would be of great benefit.  Again this would be a pre-course assignment, as I would still have to cover the information in class, due to the seriousness and complexity of the shooting on a live range.



2 thoughts on “Carl G’s first Blog”

  1. Nice handle Carl,

    I am curious to know if there are other places that would be better suited to store/share your information. Just throwing it out there, as this is all new to me.


  2. Hi Carl,

    Nice rookie post. I really like how you threw the term “complexity” in there. I bet a shooting range is quite complex! (And perhaps a little complicated too as I’m sure there are lots of step by step guidelines to follow.)

    The thought of implementing a website to have all your important info is smart, to have a collection of videos all in one place. You’d mentioned possibly having that as a pre-course assignment which I like. I think it gives students a taste of what’s to come as well as giving you an opportunity to cover material without taking away valuable class time.

    I see what you’re saying in terms of being limited with technology when it comes to teaching firearms. However, perhaps students can be the ones to introduce it into the class? They could do summary video presentations on what they learned, or each take a topic of a specific firearm or area of law enforcement and present to the rest of the class. Not sure if either of those would work for you but food for thought.


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