Confessions of a Computer Geek

I still remember the first time I saw a personal computer. Andrew’s dad was a professor at Memorial University and had given that lucky boy the future. It was a black screen with orange MS-DOS type, hooked up to a dot-matrix printer. I was smitten.

Fast forward several years later. My first glimpse of the Internet. My fellow classmates and I huddled around the one tiny monitor that had a dial up connection. Here at my fingertips, everything I ever wanted to know, that I couldn’t find in that white set of encyclopedias my mother bought me when I was a kid. I was in love.

The first computer I bought for my business was $5000 and had 2GB of memory. I was the computer queen. Twenty years and about seven computers later my latest machine cost far less and has about 2TB of memory. Leaps and bounds in two decades.

What intrigues me is the notion that I can literally live anywhere, such as rural Prince Edward Island, and potentially create content for post secondary institutions anywhere in the world. Beyond that there is the potential to create learning experiences for anyone who seeks it out, beyond traditional bricks and mortar campuses, particularly those in rural areas.

A perfect example, in my opinion, of a website that does this well is With over 4000 courses, this website draws experts, in their respective fields, to share their knowledge is short, digestible videos. It is the type of learning that can fit into virtually any schedule.

My goal for this course is to learn what platforms are available to deliver content to students, in the most interesting and interactive way. If they are in front of me, how do I engage them, using technology? If they are learning virtually, how do I develop the materials to be clear and extremely user friendly?

Educational technology is an exciting place to be right now.









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  1. Hi Christine,

    I wonder – have you seen the MOOC movement and the platform discussions that accompany it? There are a number of discussions around that on the internet and if you haven’t looked into it, it could be a rich source of learning for you during this course.

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