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Educational Technology and The Adult Learner

First day expectations 

When I was first registering for this course I didn’t really give much thought on what to expect. Honestly I was more concerned with making sure I registered for it correctly online. For the past 5 years I had been instructing on a national use of force program for a federal agency. The extent of educational technology was limited to the odd YouTube video, PowerPoint presentations and emails. There was little to no room or flexibility for me to introduce any learning material/ technology into the course that was not directly approved by the training and learning directorate. Now as an instructor for Holland College, I find myself in a position where I have a great deal of room and flexibility in not only what I present in my classes but also mediums that I use to assist in my instructing. 

The first thing that hope to get the most out of this course to get exposed and become functional in technologies that I am unfamiliar with whether  because of lack of knowledge or personal boycott.  In this regard I guess todays exercise of setting up a tweeter account has forced me to enter into a communication medium that I had been avoiding for quit sometime, even though it was for no valid reason. As the course continues I expect there will be several edtech that will be brought up that I am either unaware of or not current utilizing.

I also hope to develop or recognize ways it incorporate technologies into my current course. Primarily, I instruct hands on skills, most of the learning is presented using demonstration either in the gym or other venue with little classroom time. With that being said there is a small amount of lecturing that takes place. As the course continues I hope to identify ways to maximize edtech in my courses, whether it be gathering information for course development and communicating with students and faculty.

Finally, I am looking forward to networking and developing contacts with other instructors. I want hear what educational technologies they have successfully used in their courses. I would like to know what challenges they encountered and how they overcame them, also what has or have not worked for them.

Almost forgot to mention, I would also like to successfully  complete  the course!



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