Eryn’s post

So we had our first day of class, which happens to be my first CAE course. I have to say, I thought I was totally behind in the whole technology thing and after reading the course contract I was even more nervous about this course. After todays class, I was super relieved to see that there are others in the same situation as me! Phew! 🙂

Today we talked alot about what success looks like to individuals. Putting aside the fact that we all have that common goal of passing the course, I love the idea of success meaning different things to different people. After todays class, I’m hopeful to gain more of an insight into how technology can be useful to me.

Although I had a twitter account, I rarely used it in the past because I saw it as another distraction or time waster since I already had Facebook. I didn’t see a need to have another type of social media. However, after today my perspective changed on that. I learned that even though social media can be a distraction or time waster (if I let it be! ;)), it can also be used as a helpful networking tool for my profession. One of my goals this week is to learn more about Twitter and begin to use it in a professional way.

I’m also looking forward to learning about new technology that I may not know anything about.

See you all tomorrow,



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