Goals after our first class.


I have not been living under a rock for the 10 years, however, this is my first entry into the blogosphere.

I have a very specific goal/activity that I would like to become more familiar with heading into this course:

Each year I have students do a short (5 minute) group safety presentation that focuses on personal protective equipment (PPE), hand/power tools, and stationary power equipment. This year I would like students to use their smart phones to video their presentation, upload it to you tube, and share it with the class.

This is not a new idea. I had a co-worker who took this course a few years ago and applied this activity in his classroom. He has since left the college to pursue a career with the Charlottetown Fire Department, but the activity he created worked so well that the new learning manager that replaced him (who is not at all tech savvy) continues to use it.

I would prefer to gain confidence and understanding of the necessary steps and use of technology before applying it in the classroom. Perhaps I could even improve the idea using a new form of technology that was not available a few years ago. Another thing I have been thinking about, is timing of this activity in relation to the school year. Safety, tools, and equipment, is the first course of the year and I believe that if this activity happens to go south, it may give students the wrong impression of my teaching ability. Although I like to try new teaching strategies in the classroom, I am cautious not to get in over my head, especially with the use of technology.

There is also the Twitter thing. I have used twitter and tweet deck in a couple of other courses and tried to use it a bit on my own, but quickly lost interest. I am willing to give it another attempt and hopefully get a more use out of it this time around.

I thought our first class went great, not only did no one cry, nobody got up and left ether. I am enjoying the witty humor both from classmates and our instructor Dave and I am looking forward to streching my mind with the group during our time together.


2 thoughts on “Goals after our first class.”

  1. Hey,

    Great job on your first ever blog. If things don’t work out with teaching maybe you’d have a new career as a blogger.

    I thought it was insightful that you wanted to get acquainted with new platforms before throwing them into your own course. The Youtube video is a cool idea, and gives some variation to twenty students presenting at the front of the room.

    I also dusted off my twitter account after having forgotten about it from a previous class. I do think there is some merit to using it, especially in a class setting where everyone can follow posts quickly and easily. I’m thinking it may be great a way to get snippets of info to students quickly, while diminishing the need of hard copy handouts.

    Have a great day two, I hope it remains tear free for everyone!


  2. Hey Dustin,

    Thanks for the blog post. I have to say, I am a new teacher and this absolutely resonated with me. The idea of ensuring you are ready to introduce new technology into the classroom. As well, the idea that those first couple of classes need to go well in order to build a good rapport and energy with your students. I had an experience about a month in where things didn’t go well and the remainder of the course was a nightmare because they all just lost interest and respect. It was a tough go but made some improvements and am looking forward to a better year this go around.
    Thanks for the insight.


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