Steph’s First Day of ED366

I’m feeling the flow of a lot of learning and networking happening. It seems to be a supportive, work at your own pace environment. Today I’ve resurrected my long forgotten twitter account. It was good to see some familiar faces from previous classes, and the opportunity to meet and work with some new people.

The idea of blogging is still brand new for me. In the past my only blog experience was reading the odd mommy blog I’d seen linked on Facebook. Oh, and my friend’s daughters blog about her adventures teaching in Vietnam. Although I enjoyed those I never thought I’d be writing one of my own.

I like stretching out of my comfort zone. I was actually surprised at my growing confidence with technology since starting courses here at UPEI. I’m becoming more comfortable with Blackboard Collaborate, Google Slides, Powtoon, Power Point and Twitter. Today went rather smoothly for me technologically. A year ago I would have had a minor panic attack at the thought of anything computer related (outside of Facebook that is). I’m now at a place of, hoping to expand on and learn some new techie skills. As well as some new platforms to use.

I really like having choice when it comes to assignments for this course. I like the flexibility the syllabus provides. However,  I did feel like a bit of a tool when I learned classes were over on Tuesday the 12th. I was really thinking they went until Friday the 15th. Ooops!

It seems as if there will be a lot of content to cover in a condensed time frame. The shift away from the online moodle courses, where tests are given in a multiple choice format, with lots of heavy textbook reading is refreshing for me. I like the idea of a course like this one. More open concept and challenging that encourages you to think for yourself. I think we’ll really get out of it, whatever we choose to put in.

Thanks for reading my rookie blog post!


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