Always a Good Idea to Have a Plan B! Leona Perry

Despite the glitches I experienced in the classroom this morning, I left feeling like I accomplished what I needed to accomplish.  So all’s well that ends well as the saying goes.  But what if it hadn’t ended so well?  I’d be sitting here pretty frustrated tonight, trying to get caught up. Perhaps I’d even be crying as we’ve been told some past students have done.  Though I doubt that.  I’m really more of a kicker and a screamer than a crier!

So, again, what if the glitches just don’t get ironed out and the class time is ticking away and you’ve got “x” amount of content to cover that day and your days are already jammed packed and you’ve got a roomful of students sitting there looking at you and you’re breaking a sweat and you’re feeling like a totally inept idiot and…and…and…what then?  If your lesson plan is totally technology based and things just aren’t working that day, will all be lost?

I am not a big lover of technology (could you tell ??) though over the past couple of years, as I worked on my CAE courses, I have certainly come a long way, not only in what I have learned but also in the way I look at technology in education.  More and more, I am seeing how both teaching and learning can be enhanced by technology in the classroom.  Most days I even enjoy it!

Still, no matter how terrific technology can be, we all know that it is only wonderful when it works and we all know that it doesn’t always work!  Hence the theme of this blog which is always having a plan B to pull out of your pocket in case the original plan is shot down.  When you are heading in to teach a class, you need to be prepared to teach a different way if it is going to be one of those bad tech days!  I’m not sure if Dave had an actual plan B for our first class but he certainly expected glitches and was prepared to deal with them.  So though things weren’t exactly smooth, at least we got through it!

3 thoughts on “Always a Good Idea to Have a Plan B! Leona Perry”

  1. You are speaking directly to my core, since it’s been my experience that there is NO extra time in course schedules to “play with.” It makes me think that I would need to really be able to justify whatever technology I’m choosing to present with/use…and have plans b & c ready to roll!

  2. Hi Leona,

    I enjoyed your post and hope today went better for you technologically speaking! I am not at all a plan “B” er. Heck I’m not even really a plan “A” er.

    In fact I saw the following quote on Facebook once and it really hit home for me.

    “I’m gonna wing it” – Me, about something I most definitely should not wing.

    I envy those who have lesson plans, and back-up plans. Luckily for me, my job at this point involves mostly one-on-one counselling. This requires a lot of listening but very little prep.

    Even today as our class was talking about organizing our “Notebook Docs” the thought of having it structured made me cringe. I did follow suit and had the headings “References, Links” etc…..then I left them largely blank. I think I’ll forever be a work in progress on the “Plan B” front.


  3. Hi Leona,

    I can relate with your post on a couple of levels.

    First, I think that my CAE adventure has made me a lot more comfortable using technology. Even though I have not fully incorporated it into the classroom, I feel that I have benefited on a personal level which indirectly helps my students.

    Secondly, I understand the importance of having a back up, especially when utilizing technology of any kind. I was once part of a digital tool demonstration that went horribly wrong. After that experience, I realized the importance of being prepared and that I would never get “in over my head” like they did.


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