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Day 2 of classes cleared up some things for me. I left yesterday unsure of what to expect from an assignment perspective. I am still not 100% sure what is due when, (other than the final write ups by the Sunday after classes). To be honest, I am not even sure if I am required to post a daily blog today or if the article post was sufficient. Anyway, I am hoping tomorrow clears some of that up.

I am looking forward to this Tool Parade. I am eager to get to what I feel might be the meat of the course for me. Tools I can put into my class easily and effectively. To draw on Dustin’s post, I don’t want to put something into class that I don’t fully understand and feel comfortable with.  I agree with what Dave was saying, in that in order to use the many tools available we first have to see whether it is applicable to our course. This stuck with me.  This past year has been a bombardment of information and tools, both digital and not, and I am super excited when I hear about them and just want to employ them all in my course.  But I need to take a step back and see which tools will most benefit my students and me and which ones might be better saved for another focus.

I am not the most patient of people so I have a hard time with the learning curve sometimes. Wanting to know too much too quickly and ending up with a half ass knowledge of a couple things.  I am noticing that blogs or things like that seem to come more naturally to me than twitter. Maybe it’s a time thing. I can sit, think and write about something meaningful about class and what it means to me but seem to have a more difficult time with meaningful Tweets…again its only been a day with twitter and I have much more experience with reflections.

On a side note, I have kitchen counters now! …lost the sink…but hey kitchen counters are nice. Anyone know a good plumber for some minor drain adjusting? Or a moderate plumber? As long as it doesn’t leak basically I’m happy. J

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  1. Hey Rose,
    I understood that our article response to Dave’s blog was our daily blog… But maybe I’m wrong.
    I am like you, I’m finding it hard to have meaningful conversations in a limited number of characters in Twitter. Maybe I will feel differently after tonight’s Twitter chat!
    Talk soon! 🙂

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