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I liked Dave’s post and agree with it. I’m interested to hear what others thought of it.

Because information is so easily available, is it necessary to continue to focus on ensuring learners “jam all the information in their brains”? I don’t think it is. If we are looking at education and learning in a general sense, I think the more important skills that need to be taught are 1. How to gain critical thinking skills and 2. Being able to communicate our thoughts with each other. And when I say communicate, I mean both being able to articulate what we are thinking and also listening and actually hearing other perspectives on a given topic. We don’t have to agree, but to be able to actually “hear” one’s perspective and give it consideration, will bring us much more valuable learning than summative assessments (tests, exams, etc.) would. I liked how we discussed the difference between simple, complicated and complex scenarios in our first day of this course. We discussed how most (if not all) scenarios that involve humans are complex. As humans we may find ourselves in similar situations, but we all experience those situations differently and as a result may have different outcomes. Now take that thought to the classroom; Classrooms are made up of humans- so the action of learning is very complex and as such should not always have to be tested in summative ways.

Having said that, if we look at teachin,g specifically at Holland College, we do have to consider that many programs at HC teach to a very specific trade or industry. Because of this, I think there may be a reasonable amount of knowledge that one does have to gain to be able to do that specific job. In those situations, I think developing curriculum and ensuring outcomes and competencies are met are extremely important.
But in the realm of technology, especially considering that it’s always changing, I think collaborative learning totally fits this course.

Here’s a reference to Dave’s post:

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