Fair Game

Hey, this blog entry is in response to the reading “Cheating is Learning”.

I found it easy to relate to this article, it made a lot of sense to me. I find it difficult to store information in my memory for any period of time (unless I get to apply it). My mind is not wired that way and I think that a lot of people can relate to the way I feel.

I work with an instructor in Georgetown that recently  graduated from the B.Ed (HRD) program. He has been a huge help to me both as a teacher and a student. I mention him because he is a prime example of someone who uses the internet as an information tool. He is forever looking up something, whether it be trying to find part numbers, learning how to fix something, or figuring out how to use a feature in his outlook e-mail. He has figured out how to incorporate the internet into solving the challenges that he faces each day. He has also taught me a bit about organizing information on my computer and shares helpful trade related teaching material with me. I consider him to be a valuable member of my network and have benefited greatly from his professionalism.

Through this article and in class discussion, I have identified the value of having a professional digital network and I now understand that there are many more helpful tools out there to solve more complex problems. It was pretty cool to see the fast (almost instant) response of Dave’s SocioViz question today that he tweeted to members of his professional network. I can see how this could work for me in my teaching profession.

I do use the internet as an information tool, but I have never taken the time to become part of a digital network. For example, in the past I have searched for information in old posts that I found in discussion forms. I have never taken the time to join the group to ask questions or provide feedback to others.

The first couple of classes have opened my eyes to the value of professional networking online. The next time I catch myself wasting time searching for answers in an old discussion form, I am going to take the time to join the group and post my question. With a little practice, I think it will be more efficient use of the resource.


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  1. Happy to hear that you’ve accepted the brainwashing ­čÖé

    I’d be interested to hear how the idea of cheating comes up in your profession and what it might look like in your classroom.

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