Alan’s Day 3 Post

Good Evening Everyone,

I thought today was the most informative day yet. I had a little frustration this morning with my connection but Aaron helped me work through it quickly. Thanks Aaron! That’s another bonus with this course. It is refreshing being in a room full of so much brain power! ” In the entire history of the human species, every tool we’ve invented has been to expand muscle power. All except one. The integrated circuit, the computer. That lets us use our brain power”.  David Gerrold  January 24, 1944  Author

One of my biggest problems is organizing all my work in one place and knowing where and how to find it. Hello Google Docs! I am really starting to see the benefit of this tool and how it will help my instructing. I’m also not as nervous blogging as i was on the first night. I  enjoyed our twitter chat last evening. Although, it did feel as if we were trying hold a conversation in a crowd. I can definitely see the networking possibilities with Twitter.

I was impressed with all of the presentations and how quickly we all seemed to adapt to the various tools we were using. I could see a use for most of them in my class. As the group was presenting, i was not losing interest at all. As Dave said on day one ” Teaching has to be a bit of entertaining as well as informative. I think that statement is so true. When we stay entertained, we stay engaged in the topic. Therefore it’s impossible not to learn.

Of all the tools shown today I think Powtoon and Prezi would be an easy fit for my class. However, they all had a little bit of something i may be able to use. I will explore them more for sure. The only one I don’t think i will use is Slack. Although i could see some use for this tool in certain settings, It reminded me of the old MSN or like Dave said ” Like Twitter but like a clubhouse as well” I’m paraphrasing there. Jing and Khan are promising as well.

I enjoyed my self today and am looking forward to more.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”.   Albert Einstein   March 14, 1879 – April 18, 1955


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