Blog 3: Lots of new stuff

Today I found the class fun and interactive. Leona and I learned a lot about screen casting, even though we ran into a lot of problems and general confusion in our presentation. 🙂 Darn Mac computers….. why do they have to do things so differently from PC’s??

I am considering using jing for one of our optional assignments (simple/complex assignment), so I plan to play around with the software more on my own computer over the next couple of days.

I also loved the powtoons presentation software. It seemed easy to use and I was impressed that Christine and Brent made that video in the short time that we had.

I already knew about Khan Academy… a valuable tool for students that may be missing foundational concepts in math- which is something we see quite often in our department. We spend a great deal of time supporting students that may not necessarily have a diagnosed disability, but for one reason or another, are lacking in basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Slack seemed like a neat idea, but I could see how students could loose their focus easily. I loved the neat little robot in the software that’s designed to teach you how to use it!

And google forms was neat too. I have started using features in google drive over the last several months and I find them so easy to use! I’m still trying to figure out how I can use features of google drive in my presentation at the end of this course, so I’ll continue to play around with it to look for practical applications in the classroom.

Overall, it was a great class, but my brain is fried from learning about all the technology. Although technology definitely has its place in the classroom, I still prefer an old fashioned face to face conversation.




3 thoughts on “Blog 3: Lots of new stuff”

  1. Hey, I agree, I like the face to face as well.
    I was thinking the same thing about JING. I really like it and feel like I will use it a lot. As you guys were presenting (awesomely I might add) I was already scheming as to which lessons I will be using it for. I found the Powtoon thing interesting, I tried it once, but had a real struggle with the availability and sometimes finnickiness of it. I am determined to give it another try though. I’ve been inspired.

  2. I also found todays session to be fun and informative. Your Jing presentation great by the way, despite being cut short by MAC. I had never seen Jing before and will try to find a place to incorporate it in the future. I absolutely agree that there is a time and place for tech in the class but it should nit take away from the face to face.

  3. I am glad you mentioned the face to face experience. I have come to realize that I love interactive face to face classes. with the exception of Academic Writing, it was not very exciting and come to think of it, it was not very interactive ether. This course on the other hand is a lot of fun. I enjoy going to class each morning and I feel that I am having a rich learning experience with my peers. It is hard to beat the old face to face interaction.

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