Day 3: My Thoughts by Leona Perry

It was a full and busy day!  I was so impressed with everyone’s work and their ease up there in front of the class…true teachers, all of you, even though I believe some of the class members have not yet done much actual teaching.  No doubt you will all get there if that is your wish.

As I mentally review the technology tools that we experimented with today, I also am critiquing each one as to whether or not it is something I might consider using in my classroom in the future.  For me, it boils down to time.  If I feel that this particular technology will be too time consuming in relation to the leaning value for the students, I will not likely use it.  I have done some fun types of activities in the classroom such as Kahoot (an online trivia game, good for review).  Certainly nothing wrong with having fun in the classroom.  But again, I am going to look at that instructor time vs student learning ratio and base my decisions on that.

I am quite interested in googledocs (one word?) because there are no worries about losing your work, correct?  There were a couple of times in the last few years that I did some work on my computer at home and if I forgot to transfer it to a USB or email it to myself, I didn’t have it when I needed it the next day.  Frustrating!  With googledocs, I could access it from anywhere on any computer.  Quite useful!  So I will be experimenting with that one.

I also liked Jing, which Eryn and I played around with.  It was not complicated at all (except for trying to run it on a Mac, no offense, Dave!) and I can see that this would work well in the courses that I teach.  Powtoon was quite entertaining. It may be fun to create one as an ice breaker or an introductory type tool for orientation but other than that, I am not really seeing the value in it for my purposes.  I have watched Prezi presentations as a student but I can’t say I found it much different from Power Point.  Slack was interesting (a naked lady eating a sausage??) but I think a facebook group would work just as well or maybe better as the majority of students would already be checking into that on a regular basis instead of having to get into something else. Khan Academy is something I want to look into more.  It may have something to offer for me and my students.

I went on a little too long so goodnight!  See you in the morning!

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  1. Loved your naked sausage lady in slack Leona! Haha

    Had fun playing around with Jing with you! 🙂

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