Let Me Entertain You!

I throughly enjoyed today’s class. New technology always excites me. Carl and I demonstrated the Powtoon application, and the little we were able to dig into was excellent.

In a classroom setting I can see this being highly popular. As a teacher I think this would be super fun to use, mix things up and keep most engaged with the material. As a student the utter ease of use would be easy to explain to anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Power Point or similar presentation software.

We are an increasing visual society, which is why apps like Snapchat and Instagram are so widely popular. In 1960 three billion photos were taken a year. In 2015 over one trillion photos were taken. Every two minutes we are taking more photos than the whole of humanity in the 1800’s.

While Powtoon might not be suitable for every subject – given it’s seemingly light-hearted nature, it could still be be used, in those cases, as an introductory piece at the beginning of a course or class.


We’ve all had the experience of attending a class so dry that you could almost see the air being sucked from the room. I don’t remember much about those. The material I almost always retain are those classes where I was immediately pulled in to the good time that the instructor seemed to be having up in the front of the room.

“Let me entertain you
Let me make you smile

Let me do a few tricks
Some old and then some new tricks
I’m very versatile”



4 thoughts on “Let Me Entertain You!”

  1. Hi Christine,

    I like your entertainment quote. I think that it is very true. Powtoon could be a great attention getter in the classroom when used effectively. However, overuse may cause the opposite. For example, many people in the CAE used Prezi when they had to do a class presentation. After a while they all looked the same and I would rather look out the window. This makes me think twice about my teaching methods and hopefully my students dont feel the same way about the way I teach.

    I will be forever searching for the right balance using digital tools in the classroom.


  2. Hi Christine,

    I liked how you were able to show the ease of use of the program. I agree that the nature of the program has a time and place, but it is nice to see a accesible alternative to Powerpoint!

  3. Hi, Christine. Great job presenting today! I very much enjoyed it. I agree that Powtoon may not be suitable for every and any class as it does have that “lighthearted” aspect to it. So it may not be something I would use much but you made it look so easy that I would like to play around with it some and use it in small doses when we all need to lighten up a bit. Leona

  4. I am very excited about Powtoon. Your cartoon was very entertaining. I can definitely see this as an excellent icebreaker. Actually, the possibilities I see for me and for my students are endless. I think you’re right, it is light-hearted. I think that’s why it would have mass appeal. I hope I find it as easy to use as you and Carl did.

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