Alan’s Day Four Perspective

I thought today we started to go down the rabbit hole regarding self grading and our contract. Everyone had strong opinions which was great. I personally like the idea of knowing what’s expected of me. As far as evaluation goes, There are lots of ways we could gauge our learning. We have already started: Discussions, Presentations, Debriefings, Twitter Chat, Development of documents, Self-reflective documentation(our blog posts) We also provide readings and resources in our google docs.

I think it is very hard to put a specific number on a student. I personally like the pass/fail. You either meet the standard or not. Like Carl said ” Can he hit the target or not” Not only must he be able to hit it, he needs to do it consistently. As i said in my Twitter post. I’ve met some people who could score top marks every time on a test. That same student fails miserably though when asked to do the skill associated with the mark. In other words, he studied for the test. He did not study for the knowledge. I have also met people who could not read,  that could take apart an engine and explain each part to you better than any Engineer. That is because he saw the value in taking that engine apart so he learned it. He didn’t just study for a numerical score. He wanted to know.   How do we assess that?

Self-directed learning can be challenging, even for the brightest and most motivated students. I think I need to understand myself as a learner better instead of an instructor  in order to understand my needs as a self-directed learning student.

I think this was\is a great discussion. Have a great night all.

“When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schooling.”
John Taylor Gatto


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