Finally Friday! by Leona Perry

It was great to get home today and great to be able to make the trip in my own car after a week of driving a rental.  I was certainly appreciative of the fact that my insurance covered the cost of a rental while the repairs on my vehicle were being completed. But the rental was an automatic and I’ve been driving cars with a standard transmission for years and I love it.  My daughters tell me that it’s because I am a control freak and I tell them they’re just jealous because they can’t drive a standard!

But, I have to admit, my girls are right.  The main reason I love driving a standard is because I want to decide when it is time to shift gears.  So there!   As I was driving home today happily gearing up and gearing down as the need arose, and, even though metaphors tend to irritate me, I decided to compare my preference for a standard transmission with my preference for self-directed learning.

I like to be in control of my learning the same as I like control of my vehicle.  Teach me, explain things to me, share your expertise with me but give me at least some control over the pace and direction.  And don’t be forever looking over my shoulder while I am figuring out my own way to assimilate this knowledge into my reality.

Dave suggested we reflect on the terms self-assessment and self-remediation.  Again, I see this as part of self-directed learning.  I want the opportunity to provide feedback on my progress as I see it.  If I am having problems, I want to lead the search for solutions.  But that doesn’t mean I want a totally hands off approach on the part of the instructor.  I am comfortable seeking help when I need it but there are lots of students who are not and we always need to be mindful of that population.

Having just reread my post, I am realizing that I wrote from a very self-centered perspective.  Oh, well.  It’s Friday, which, to me, seems like a good day to put yourself first.

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