Self assessment and self remediation Blog 5

So I’m not sure if it’s because it’s Friday night and my brain is fried after a long week, but I found it difficult to stay focused on this article.

Nevertheless, here are my thoughts right now:
“In terms of strategies the discussion focuses on planning self-assessement questions and encouraging uptake. I think i would say, rather, encourage the writing of self-assessment strategies by the students. I’m thinking that this should be included in the syllabus as a structuring piece around student reflection… both reflections in the blog and reflection in their own learning plan. ”

Well, now we know why Dave feels so strongly about blogs and reflection in our contract learning! 🙂
The paragraph about isolation: I think that’s very true. Sometimes when students are not confident or have insecurities with their learning (usually from negative learning experiences in the past) get into a situation where they are not fully understanding course work, they can sometimes feel as if it never happens to anyone else. In reality, I think that we all (at one point or another) have felt that way in our lives. I think it’s vital that it’s acknowledged and then followed up with offering solutions to that individual to encourage them to make a plan to self remediate. Self assessing allows the student to be in control  of their own learning, as opposed to expecting the teacher to be responsible for it all.

As I reflect about my learning this week, I was able to identify several occasions where I didn’t know terminology, but took the time to research to “fill in the gaps” so I could better understand. For example, I had no idea what rhizomatic learning was when it was referenced in a previous article, so I had to research that to help me better understand the article. Another example was when I read an article earlier in the week on digital citizenship. I found myself needing to do further research and read the author’s previous article to fully interpret and understand her points. To me, that was just an obvious part of learning that I’ve picked up somewhere along the way…. I didn’t really think about it as self assessment and self remediation.

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