Alan’s Day 5-Self Assessment and Self Remediation

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I’m finding this one was really tough to get started on. I’m going to try and hit all the points. Self assessment in my opinion is a great way to evaluate our own performance. If we think about it, most of us do this everyday. We want tomorrow to be better than today, so we reflect and self assess.  It also helps us identify our strong points and weak ones. What we need to work on more for example. A self-assessment is also the perfect opportunity for Students to show their Instructors that they understand where they can improve. No one likes to point out areas of weakness. It would reinforce the students learning more if they could see value in what they were learning. Making it their own.

The first thing i think of when i think of Self Remediation is we have a problem and we need to remedy it. I’m beginning to see why the terms go together so easily. Self Assessment and Self Remediation. In order to work on a solution we need to first identify the issue at hand. For example: Sometimes we are so close to the trees, We don’t see the forest.

Overcoming Isolation- With all the tech available to use and different ways to communicate, It is now easier then ever. Find out how the student prefers to do this. If they are comfortable using a certain tool, then we strive  to adapt.

Active Learning- Preparing to write this blog i researched different articles. I took control of my own learning.

Controlling Learning Behaviors-  By the Students controlling their own learning behaviors, They have the power over their own learning. The instructor is then more of a guide.

Diagnosis and remediation- This is a great idea. To allow the student to understand whats wrong and how do we fix it. This again puts the power to learn with the student.

Student Responsibility for learning- This one allows the students the choices of how they want to learn. If we encourage them to set realistic goals and reflect then they have no choice but to feel responsible for their learning. It allows the students to focus on the learning path in front of them. Focusing them on the learning instead of all the work it will take to get there.

“You cannot teach a person anything; you can only help him find it within himself.” – Galileo

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