Cart before the horse. Day 5 Reflection

Dave’s article on Self-assessment and Self-remediation was a very logical approach to teaching today’s learners. It makes perfect sense to me, provide learners with the tools necessary for self reflection, identify areas of weakness, and how to fix their problems. However, I feel there may be a larger issue to address before we will see learners utilize these skills.

The biggest challenge I deal with in the classroom today is attitude. Millennial learners feel entitled. It seems that they have it pretty good. From what I can tell, a large majority of them are what I refer to as “spoiled rotten”. Catered to by their parents for their whole life. Driving around in a cars and talking on cell phones that they have never had to make a payment on.

Dave mentioned that he grew up working on his family’s fishing boat and went on to work in a lead/silver mine for a number of years. I think that it is safe to say he learned a lot of life skills during that time. I can relate to his story because I grew up on our family farm. This is where I learned the importance of punctuality, hard work, integrity, and the value of a dollar.

It is my opinion that we have become a soft society. A little tough love never hurt anyone. Right? How about sending students out to work after high school graduation and see how they get along. I bet they will come back to school with a better attitude. I would put money on it!

The other thing I was thinking about when I read this article is in regards to self assessment. Personally, I know there are areas that I am weak. Take math for example, I am not really an algebra guy and to be honest, I am fine with that. What bothers me is the skills that I am missing (or need improving) that I am not yet aware of. About a year ago I got my eyes checked and the doctor flipped a prescription in front of me. I was floored with how much better I could see. I had no idea that I needed glasses until he showed me what I was missing. How can we ensure students will have the skills to identify weakness they dont know they have?

Technology has changed the way the world works. Information at our fingertips twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. I think it would be very difficult growing up during this period of time. I am hoping that attitudes become more positive in the future.



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  1. I agree with you 100% about the need to teach the millennials about the value of work. My 15 year old daughter has a part time retail job. In my opinion retail and restaurant work is the perfect environment to learn how to become an excellent employee. You learn to problem solve, develop math skills, how to get along with co-workers, how to deal with a difficult customers and the value of money. The “real world” is necessary part of learning how to be mature. The earlier that is a young person learns that the better.

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