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This is a subject i can sink my teeth into. I had this problem for years. I would take the time to research something, then forget where i put it. I used to have everything on my computer at work, bad idea. One day i came to work and saw a nice shiny new computer sitting on my desk and nearly *&%$ myself. Thankfully it hadn’t left the building yet. Shawn, our awesome IT guru showed me how to store everything on our F drive at work. I also have a lot of space on our H drive.

I learned to simply name my files by subject, ie: Advanced firefighting on tankers. I found it was much easier to find and enhance that information if it was all in one file folder. Every time I had a thought, I just dropped it in there. I have two file folders for each subject I teach copied on each drive so I have backups. This works really well for me, but it took some discipline to stay at it. Now it’s just second nature to save a copy of everything i think would be relevant to my class.

I am very impressed with google docs. I will be starting another Gmail account, since we lose access to ours after one year. I never thought i would ever be on Twitter. I now see the positives with a site like that. I like finding out whats going on in real time. Twitter is great for that. It was also neat watching Dave post questions out there on the internets. The story about the berries was pretty cool. I was wondering how much time it saved to be diagnosed right away.  Having a network of like minded professionals is priceless. I will definitely be using it after this course.

“They have the Internet on computers now?” – ┬áHomer Simpson December 13, 2003

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  1. Hey Allan, I also had that issue of saving everything on the C drive, only to find a new computer in the office and all my docs gone forever. It was like my world had fell apart, well work world that is. I am simple minded and use a folder for each course, in that i put each topic, like, pistol, shotgun etc..seems to be working so far.

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