Day 6 Blog (Or Too Tired to Think of a Catchy Title!) by Leona Perry

On Sunday morning, I sat down to work on one of the article discussion assignments.  It was a lengthy article and as I read, I made notes on a word document.  After writing a couple of sentences, I saved it in my documents then wrote, and rewrote and edited, continually saving it as I went, then closed it to put away for the time being.  A few minutes later, I wanted to re-open it.  And couldn’t find it.  I searched and searched.  It would not even come up in recent documents.  Total panic!

Eventually, my daughter found it for me. It was buried in a document with a different name and the original one had disappeared.  “This is never going to happen to me again!” I vowed and promptly copied and pasted the article into googledocs.  The original lost one was one of the first blogs I had done and it doesn’t matter that it is gone…though it is on so not really gone, I guess!  Anyway, a lesson learned for sure. Or maybe a lesson re-learned because I have had it happen before and then learned to back up files on USBs.  So when my laptop crashed this past winter, I didn’t lose anything of any real value.  It was all on a USB.

Through ED366, I have been introduced to googledocs.  With each day that goes by in this course, I am becoming more convinced that this is the way to store my material.  And the incident on Sunday really cemented that so I definitely plan to learn more about that system in the near future.

I looked up Evernote and Mendeley, two digital filing cabinets (can I call them that?) and they do sound quite interesting. I found this article which discusses social bookmarking tools such as twitter, linkedin and other ones that Dave has mentioned over the past week. It is starting to make some sense to me!

Okay, so I am sold on the idea.  Computers crash and USBs break, get lost and malfunction.  Seems like digital storage is the way to go.  Once ED366 is over, perhaps I will have time to go explore some of these options!  Gotta go…time for class!

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