Day 6 blog-Rose

Tips for slackers

At first, when I saw this title, I thought, oh no, more things to sign up for! I do however, like the idea of having a central place to organize thoughts, resources, links, etc.  I too have the stuff, notes, and ideas files in my network of files. I love them. They a lovely reminder of where all my good intentions go to die.

Now I know that for me writing notes on paper is something that usually works just fine for me. Simply the act of writing them down seems to log much of it into the memory bank.  The problem with this, as the article states is the linear thinking to it. I can’t just hit enter to create some space a few lines up for a new thought. As a result, my notes are a random assortment of thoughts, ideas and all written as they pop into my head written all over the page. I try, in vain, to add the notes where they are most applicable on the page but it usually just ends up resembling our initial attempt at googledocs, with writing over top of writing, stuff squeezed in so tight I can’t even make it out, written at an assortment of angles over the page with arrows scrawled across the page to where it is meant to be. Now, believe it or not, this works for me. But I usually end up, taking it out on the trees even more and re writing the notes into a more organized way.  I’ve even have separate note pads for each topic or area.  People laugh when they come into my office at the amount of post it notes sticking to every part of my computer and desk. I even have the sticky notes app on my computer. Its chaos, but it’s my chaos and it makes sense to me.

I do like the online notes files for link and the like. Again, I do sort them by content and use.  And now, with this new gig at the college, and so much of it being online, I find myself using online organization much more and much more effectively. I tend to be fairly organized anyway so I didn’t get a whole lot out of this article but it’s nice to do a little self check every now and again to see if you’re still on the right track.

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