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I worked as a pressure welder in Alberta before returning to PEI to raise our children. Besides a calculator, the closest thing to a computer in our welding shop was the time clock. Lets just say the transition from welder to welding instructor was a little overwhelming at first. The good thing was that I had an open mind, willingness to learn and wasn’t afraid to ask questions. My co-workers did their best to help me out, but they were far from computer geniuses at that time. I would spend hours looking over their shoulder to pick up whatever tips I could.

I remember being very impressed with the organization of files and documents on one of the guys computers. It was the first time I had seen so much information in one place. He would often say that he could never organize papers like this, but had no trouble with it on the computer. It was around this time that I was starting to accumulate a number of poorly titled documents of all shapes and sizes. There were little bits of everything everywhere. I started out with a couple of folders, named by the course information that would be found inside. In no time at all I had all of my stuff labeled and stored in places that made logical sense to me. Since making the big transition to the file folder my progress in the organizational department has been at a standstill.

I received an e-mail today from Integrated Technology Services full of tutorials of some great tools. OneNote, OneDrive, Skype for Business and some Collaboration/Sharing stuff. Looking back, I wish they sent this e-mail last week. Perhaps I could have done my presentation on one of these tools instead of Poll Everywhere.

Getting back to organizational tools. I had a chance to look at the OneNote tutorial (at least for a few minutes) and I think that it is something that will help me with lesson plans and course curriculum. It would be really cool to use as a review tool with the welding students that I am currently working with. It would be neat to create a document together containing the essential study material they need for their upcoming block exams. One of the most challenging things for me is implementing my ideas. As we all know, talking the talk and walking the walk, are two totally different things.

2 thoughts on “Walk The Walk”

  1. Hi Dustin,

    I agree with you about practicing what we preach! I mentioned in my blog about needing to follow my own advice at times.

  2. Hi Dustin,

    So true, It took me a long time to follow my own advice as well. I had little bits of papers everywhere. I kept saying to myself, ” I’ll do that later” It was hard to get out of my own way sometimes when I first started. Great insight!


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