Ed 366 Reflection (nobody cried) Blog #7

I showed up with an open mind and a willingness to learn. I had heard mixed reviews from former CAE students who had previously taken Dave’s course, so I had no idea how things were going to unfold. When I arrived at the first class, I thought I was late. Everyone was working on their computers and giving each other a hard time. I was happy to hear the lighter tone in the classroom and I quickly got to work establishing a connection to Panthernet. The only thing I did to prepare for the course was opened a new Twitter account, but nothing further. I found it easy to follow along with the lesson and got off to a great start.

Digital networking was something that I had never heard of going into this course. I thought it was pretty cool when Dave asked the question to one of his professional buddies in Europe (I think) and got a response within minutes. It taught me how powerful twitter can be when looking for answers to complex questions. Community was also very interesting, I could totally relate to the example of moving to a different geographical location to join a new community. It takes time (and effort) to get to know new people, learn the way they talk and get a general feel for the people. It is important to give back to the community. I must admit that when I go onto a discussion form, I am usually looking for an answer to a problem that I have but never take time to answer questions of others. This is not a habit I am proud of and now that I understand it better, I hope to improve upon my give and take ratio.

I had no idea that security was so important to people. I think this was one of the most discussed topics in our class. I assumed that security was related to not giving out personal information like credit card or social insurance numbers. It turned out being a big deal to a lot of people in our class and I now have a better understanding of why online security is such large issue. As an instructor it was a valuable lesson that I was happy to learn with a group of my peers instead of learning the hard way with my students.

I learned that there are many smart people in the world and there is a good chance that one of them have developed a technological tool that could help me out with almost any problem that I may have. We talked about a ton of tools that I have never heard of before. Some were good and others, not so much. I liked how the focus was put on us (the class) to explore and figure out how to use the tools. Dave made a good point about how things are forever changing and it is more important to learn how to explore and problem solve than to record the steps necessary to do a particular task.

I thought taking notes in Google Doc’s was the coolest thing ever. Not only did I never have to search for a pen, my notes are conveniently stored electronically so that I will have them for future reference. Superfuntimes showed me how simple it is to organize my notes in one place and easily it could be shared with others. The collaborative feature of this tool is awesome.

I am going to do my best to keep the momentum going by incorporating technology into the block exam review that I will be doing with my current group of welding students. It is important for me to continue with the implementation of what I have learned in this course, otherwise I will forget about it in a few weeks time.

I really enjoyed the class and have greater confidence in my ability to search out and use new tools in my area of expertise. It was a Superfuntime and nobody cried.

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  1. Hi, Dustin. I enjoyed twitter much more than I thought I would and I also was impressed with the situation where Dave posed a question and so quickly got an answer from a credible source because of his connections. Leona

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