Last but not least- blog 7 by Rose..Well blog 8 really cause I misunderstood the first article…look how far I’ve come!

Well, here we are. I have created 8 blog posts, joined Twitter, explored a multitude of new technologies and tools, and made new friends…aww And all in one week!

I think it is safe to say that this was a valuable class for me. I was skeptical when I signed up, and quite frankly a little hesitant to be jumping in to the techy world. I was not sure what to expect and didn’t know where to start. Apparently, this class was the place to start. This course was a great mix of people and technology. It was a great place for me to feel comfortable trying out and exploring new tools for me to use both in the classroom and in my own life.

After leaving on day one I was a bit worried because I still had no idea what was expected of me and I hadn’t yet made sense of the large, many assignment outline. How am I going to do all this and do it well?  Enter Dave and awesome classmates. I quickly realized that the point is not necessarily to learn all the tools and learn them well. It’s about experimenting and playing with different tools I might not have otherwise been brave enough or cared enough to try. This was a challenge for me as I can get easily frustrated with myself when it comes to technology. One thing goes wrong and I panic and shut it down. But this class gave me the opportunity and space to stumble and try and get help along the way.   george-clap

I think the biggest thing I got out of this class is a new confidence and a new sense of comfort to go out on my own and play with technology more. I am thankful for this experience and look forward to using my new found techy awareness in the classroom and life. My students aren’t gonna know what hit’em!

One thought on “Last but not least- blog 7 by Rose..Well blog 8 really cause I misunderstood the first article…look how far I’ve come!”

  1. Hi, Rose. I always think it is only people my age who get frustrated with technology so it is nice to hear someone younger express the same feelings I get! My teenage daughter was doing some venting earlier this evening about having to learn a new type of tool during this past school year and how she just didn’t have patience with it. So maybe it just isn’t an age thing after all!
    I enjoyed sharing another classroom with you this summer! All the best with your future courses! Leona

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