Regarding the Grading Contracts…Brilliant

Regarding the grading contracts, I think it’s brilliant. Daves methods and use of the grading contract, I feel he does a well in depth, good organization and good detail. but seriously, ask yourselves right now if you already haven’t, ┬ádid the grading contract stick out in your mind and impress you at all?

Nathan D. Bubaker stated,

…..”it helped maximize their ( the students ) commitment to the course…”

I feel quite strongly about the use of the grading contracts in a positive way and also agree that it developes stronger communication faster, and a stronger mutual respect for one another. I’ve never came across it in any facility that I’ve worked in or attended, nor with any other teachers or instructors.

I feel also, that not everyone will have the same positive feedback, such as the few top graders of the course. The thing is, you can never please everyone all the time. Screw the few! They’re selfish and close minded anyhow.

I Also think that its fascinating, the idea of the grading contracts. An idea from the 70’s! And Dave, this is your second year trying the contract? Did I read that right? The way you presented it I figured it was of your own design and I look forward to trying the grading contract myself in my next course that I am to teach.

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  1. I think you are right about the grading contract fostering mutual respect. And I think as instructor’s we need to keep in mind that just because a student might choose to do less work for a lower grade, it is not necessarily a reflection on their feelings about the course content itself or how important it is or isn’t. There are many other factors that can come into play. Leona

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