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Haha, how fitting that this post be a day late. Organization has never been a strong suit of mine. I’ve literally re-done reference letters and other documents because my logic was, it was easier to re-do them instead of storing them and later having to find a workable copy.

I currently save everything to my desktop. This is not a great practice, and the IT guys tell me not to. (I do it anyway). Then when the course ends or a student graduates, I can delete the file and never have to look at it again. Out of sight out of mind. Maybe that’s a visual learner thing?!

I think part of my problem is, not understanding why my work has a T-drive and a G-drive and all that stuff. I’m certain there are lots more, but like I said I avoid them. And folders, ugh….that’s another layer of invisibility and frustration. Maybe I need a separate course just on that stuff.

I too am guilty of not naming anything. During this course, when we opened up our Google Docs, I near panicked at the quantity of documents in there, unlabeled. Some Sociology some Ed stuff. I think it’s great that Google just saves stuff automatically. But I’m learning that too can quickly pile up into a mess if you ignore it long enough.

So Dave is right about making time to organize. It may be painful for those of us who don’t naturally do that sort of thing.

But….”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” –Quote from my Grandma

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