End of course reflections

Ed366- Educational Technology and The Adult Learner

Well what can I say, it’s been a great 7 days.  Dave managed to break down my resistance to joining the world of twitter, even if it was out of necessity, and self survival. To be perfectly honest, I’m still not sure if I will be tweeting much after this course but at least the door has been opened. Through this course I’ve met a great group of people, which makes the classes much more enjoyable, so thank you all for that.  Over these 7 days I have also had my eye’s opened to the tools/technology that is available to assist me in my instructing.

As I had said in earlier blogs, for a long time I was somewhat limited to the amount of technology that I could introduce into my courses. As a result I didn’t really look at what I could be adding or using to make my course better other than fighting the battle to change some content. However that limitation that I had previously had become somewhat of a cage for me, the door to the cage was now open but I had been conditioned to stay inside. I would make excuses that there’s no real value or room for that stuff in my classes “it’s to hands on”, and in some cases this is still the case. However, after this course I am looking at things a bit differently, rather than looking for excuses as to why I can’t, I’m trying to see how and what I can. For me this is one of the biggest shifts.

I also enjoyed the way in which Dave allowed use to work through the tool and learn how they worked rather than the whole this is what it is, this is where is and this is how you use it. For me, the self-learning, peer collaboration approach allows me to have a much high retention rate, It must be because of my learning style, that right I said it!

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Or was it the collaborative learning?

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Overall great class, course, and experience.

Dave E


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