Aaron’s Article Blog # 1

Article Blog #1

The article I read was titled “Teaching in an Online Learning Context” by Terry Anderson at Athabasca University.  The article focused on what the presence or role of the instructor is on an online course.  This concept is totally out of my realm.  I have completed one course (the Adult Learner) on-line.  I am not sure if I would have done better if it had been face to face or not.  What I really took form the course was that I need an update, fast!

The article goes on to talk about maximizing the effectiveness of facilitating online courses.   At my level of technology understanding, this is like a kindergarten student reading algebra.  I can make out the letters and symbols, but really have no concept of the formulas they combine into.  I will admit that I have made great progress in the last week, but this kindergarten student needs some time for it all to come together.

Taking the technology out of the topic, it is reassuring to see something familiar.  The author talks about social, cognitive and teaching presence that combines to build an educational experience.  I believe this theory holds true to any educational setting.  I think where I am struggling the most right now in a (technological setting) is in the area of cognitive presence.  I seem to be able to participate (with lots of guidance) but I really don’t know how it all happens.  (I know the car will start if I turn the key, but the concept of internal combustion seems to be missing.)

There is a section that talks about assessment.  Either I am hyper sensitive to assessment strategies or they seem to be everywhere.  The article talks about similar (conventional techniques) to what I am used to.  Quantity, quality, format, rubrics…. All summarized by a number.  The number then represents a reflection of performance.  I still am struggling for a “better way” to do my assessments, so that I can represent what I feel is importand. (I will leave the spelling error just for fun!)

At the end of the article the author talks about qualities of a good E-teacher.  I had a laugh when I read “an excellent e-teacher is an excellent teacher”.  This I agree with, except that I would be the first to say that I personally would be a terrible e-teacher!  Does this mean I am a poor teacher?

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