Aaron’s Article Blog #2

Article Blog #2

The second article that I read was “Technologies of Online learning” by Rory McGreal and Micheal Elliott.

The document talks about “some of the most exciting technologies and features used today”.   The article goes on to reference Skype, YouTube, CD-ROM , Napster, Wiki …   I have to admit that I felt pretty good until I read “Imagine the power of the Internet in the palm of your hand, using a Portable Digital Assistant (PDA)”.  It was at this point I stopped and went to the back of the article and read the references.   All of which ranged from 2000-2007.  Then I realized that all of the technology they were referencing was outdated.  I was originally confident because I recognized the names of the programs, but soon lost my smugness when I seen how old it all was.  I then had a flashback of Dave going on a mini rant about how he refused to spend a week teaching us programs that would be obsolete in a year or two (or less).  He managed to teach us how to fish (figuratively) with me knowing it at the time.  From Dave’s refusal to spoon feed, I am far more confident seeking out new technologies and experimenting with them.

When I step back and look at the concept of the article, I see that it is still valid and applicable.  If I take out the actual references to a specific site or program, the concepts of what they do and how they can be used in the class still apply.

To me, the technologies of online learning are not about the specific programs, but more about reaching a specific teaching point with the student.  Perhaps they need to see/hear/do/participate/re-play… the activity in order to fully grasp it.  This is what the online world offers.

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