Aaron’s Final Reflection

Final Blog

I can say it has been quite a journey.   I had no idea what I was in for.  After the first day I was pretty overwhelmed with it all.  I blogged about it.. or tried to.  I couldn’t post the blog and couldn’t get on the internet with my home computer.  The most logical way I thought of to prove to Dave that I attempted to do the work was to take a picture of what I had typed for the blog and I emailed the “cave-man screenshot”!  (Yes, I did not even know how to send a screen shot; so I took a picture of my computer screen with my phone!)

Today I have been able to post blogs, tweet links to programs that I have used to track other tweets, use programs I never heard of and I may even open up Socioviz (just for the fun of it)!  I would like to be able to see a graph of my learning cure over the last week.  (There is probably a program for that; I will tweet about it later.)

I can also say that my confidence has been boosted when it comes to technology.  Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be teaching this stuff any time soon, but I think now I can navigate through it without Dave sending me a message from “LMGTFY”.

On a side note, I liked the opportunity to network with other professionals.  The CAE program is giving me exposure to folks I wouldn’t  normally cross paths with.  I have learned a lot from our conversations and look to continue collaborating.  We have some common issues in all of the programs.  It is just nice to know that some of my problems are not figments of my imagination and that others have similar issues.

I made sure that I signed my name to my course evaluation.  I have no issue saying that I liked this, or disliked that. As for ED366, I want to make sure that Dave and the powers that be know what a benefit this course is.  As a coordinator first- teacher second, I benefited greatly even though I am a pure kinesthetic learner (I just threw this in to irritate Dave!)

I will miss our mornings together, and I just hope that the next CAE course is as engaging.

Good luck everyone,



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