Aaron’s Presentation Reflection

ED 366 Presentation Reflection.

What I have tried to do is to capture the thought process when developing my presentation through my Work plan


Here is what I want to do.  I want to present a survey to the group.  I want to survey their thoughts on the topic of how to develop a better way to asses students.  The plan is to give a presentation (google slides?: because I have not used it before) to the group based on what I want to develop.  Then I want to give the group a survey (google Forms: because I have not used it before either), and use the results to help me work on this problem.


Experiment with Google slides to get my head around that program and develop the slides that I need.  I also need to develop a form that I want to submit to the group.  Do I embed the form?  Do I email it to them?  Do I use a link on Superfuntimes?  When I send the form, where do I get the results? Do they go to my Gmail account?


Google slides:  very similar to PowerPoint.  Formats the same

Google Forms:  Went through tutorial… easier to use template.  Chose the “survey” form because it seemes to accomplish what I am looking for.  Form itself is easy to develop (WATCH FOR SPELLING ERRORS!!!!!  IT DOES NOT SPELLCHECK AUTOMATICALLY)

How to link the two documents…..

I want each person to fill out the survey during the presentation.  This will start a fresh conversation around qualities of a good officer.  I want a further discussion as part of my group activity (with the survey).


Test:  I clicked on the Twitter icon and entered #ED366 and there it was, on our twitter chat.  Now a little damage control.  Had to tweet the group to make sure they did not do the survey before the presentation.  I reopened the survey to accept submissions so I could test it before class.


0830: I tweeted the #ed366 group the link to the survey.  Tested it, it is working.

0840: Started my presentation (opened Google slides and Google Forms document).

0850: Got to the survey slide and had everyone open twitter and do the survey (actually I had everyone open twitter while I was trying to log on to the computer at the front of the class).

0855: Survey complete and I switched to Google Form “results” screen to show results.  Worked well, was able to see the live results in the presentation.. cool!

0857: Heckled by Dave about the spelling errors (damn you spellcheck!)

0900: realized I was over time and ended presentation

Overall Reflection:

Overall I was able to accomplish what I wanted.  My plan was to use something new, and it worked out pretty good (in my opinion).  I was able to use Google Slides, Google Forms and Twitter all together.  NEVER would have happened 7 days ago!  I don’t know about anyone else, but I was impressed.  And, I got some really good feedback about evaluation methods!  (Bonus for me)

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