Presentation reflections

I particularly liked that way people presented used the technology to augment their teaching styles, I know not everyone has taught before but you did great regardless. The idea of technology augmenting teaching is where I personally see the place of tech in the classroom. The technology should be part of the medium for delivery of information, the presentation and collaboration of ideas, but it should never be a substitute for learning.

A few years ago I was at a national law enforcement campus, which will remain nameless, and I had the opportunity to see this occur first hand. I was sitting in a class of new recruits and , a very new, instructor who had be tasked with delivering the topic was sitting at a desk at the front of the class reading from a power point verbatim. This went on for the better part of the morning, him reading and the class fighting to stay awake. There were no offerings of insight into the information, no conversations, no examples or real life experiences shared. The students would have gotten the same experience and amount of learning from sitting in their rooms and reading the PowerPoint themselves.  Sure they were being given the information but they weren’t being taught anything they could learn on their own.  This was a perfect example where the instructor was relying on the technology to do the teaching rather than using the technology as a tool to teach. This is nothing new, we can all remember the teacher who can to class with stacks of overhead projections that they would read aloud, the class fighting to stay awake. The technology may be changing but it can’t hide or make up for poor teaching skills. At the core you still need a good teacher to teach.

When I look at my own presentation I hope that I was able to have that blend of technology and teaching in a way that was fun. Short of pepper spraying all of you I don’t think I could have explained it any other way. But if you still need more knowledge we may be able to arrange an expose the next time we spray the cadets!!!




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