Steph’s Final Reflection

Final Course Reflection

I’ve been putting off writing this because I still feel like I’m deep into it. I’ve been working away everyday since we’ve “finished”. Even during the actual classes I was spending every afternoon working on assignments. Thank goodness we have until Sunday to get everything complete because it wouldn’t have happened for me otherwise. I find it a lot of work. I’m continuously toggling back and forth between blogs, our notebooks, twitter, storify, and still researching what the heck to do for a complex explainer. I will knock one out before Sunday but I’m still not sure what it’s going to look like. I think like the presentation, I’m totally overthinking it.

I came into Ed366 with concerns about missing some time. It was fortunate to see on our learning contract that there was room for variation. So in an attempt to make up for missing class participation points, I decided to do everything possible on the rubric.

I didn’t count on how much fun I would have in the course. Not only by meeting (and liking) everyone, but having fun and gaining confidence figuring out the course material. Once upon a time, not long ago, if a website wanted me to “sign-up” or enter my email address I’d bail immediately. But a week later and I’ve signed up for Padlet, Jing, Prezi, Storify and Slack and become more familiar within my existing (but often neglected) google docs.

One aspect of the course that hit home for me that I never really chatted about was the “digital citizen” discussions. Over the past few years I’ve had a few experiences of struggles in that arena. A relative of mine is a very public figure who came under a ton of public scrutiny and was humiliated and bullied in the media for several years. I would choose not to watch certain segments on TV or read certain articles on the internet but it was impossible to escape the negativity all together. Unknowing fb friends would post stuff, leaving me with the dilemma of do I report? Block and delete? Ignore? Argue back? I didn’t necessarily know which was the best route.

So within the frame work of this course when that topic arose it was refreshing to hear positive comments about sticking up for people and remembering those that are the target are still people with feelings too. And just because something appears online or in the media doesn’t mean it’s true. There are two sides to everything.

I think Dave is a great instructor and I think our class gelled awesomely. I was honestly a little bummed when it was over. I’m glad to hear a number of us are reunited in a few weeks for the assessment course, although I’m doubtful it’ll be the same fun atmosphere we experienced in #ed366!

Over and out peeps

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