Slacking at its best

Before i get into the article, i really want to touch on the lessons learned from today’s presentations. I really enjoy when peers present and I get to be the student for a change, as its nice to take it all in and watch the different approaches to teaching. Today was probably one of the most beneficial days in the entire course for me.  I was really impressed with the feedback by Dave.

As this is my last CAE course, i have done lots of  micro teach, including Practicum, I have never really given any thought to the feedback until i observed what the presenters had received today.  I found the debriefs extremely important and took a lot of great information from them.  That whole copy and paste the error msg was a brilliant idea, along with add a finishing slide, along with the point of sitting in the room and listening for 2 mins prior to starting to record,  never would have thought of that. Also having the back up video ready to go, as i have experienced this first hand, due to a compatibility issue with a computer.

Now….on to the article. I am a scatter brain and use a lot of lists to help me try and stay organized.  If you have ever been to my office you would think it was a complete disaster, however, i am able to find anything i need in the pile of paperwork, as the stacks are some what sorted. I already  focus or put an emphasis the file name as that is how i save it.   I do agree that networks are extremely important, and over the past year i started a Facebook group for all Firearms instructors in Atlantic Canada. The page is place for Instructors to share posts, ideas, articles, and shooting drills. I mostly post on the page, and find it hard to get the guys to openly  participate, although some do like articles and add some comments. I never considered using twitter for professional networking, however, i will be exploring that in the next few days, as i do see the merits in it.

In closing…. i tried to leave you with a screen shot of my facebook group i mentioned above using the snipping tool, but it appears our computers are just too old… #fail.






Carl G’ Day 3

I had no idea there were that many tools that could be used to assist in teaching, and i feel like we just barely scrapped the surface, today was great.

I really like the idea of having to use new technolgy, and enjoyed the experience of using powtoon. I feel this tool could be used in some of my lessons to aide in the presentation.

I  really enjoyed the presentations, which were all extremly well done. It is nice to be the student for a change. It was great that each group went over the pros and cons of the tool that were presenting. The presentations were very informative. The tests on google docs was something I could start using in my current assesments. I also really enjoyed JING, and could see its benifits when teaching students how to strip and assemble a firearm. I had some exposure to prezi prior to today, but I didn’t relaize the presentations were in a public domain. In fact up until this class i never gave any consideration to using technolgy in firearms training. I think there is lots of room to improve how we teach firearms and by incorprating technolgy into the training is good starting point.

The checklist provided is a very benifical resource and covered off on a lot of points i never would have considered. With my one track mind, i never would have given any consideration to how much personal data the students have to put into an app, or the fact they download it could be viewed as negative.

As this is my finnal CAE i am a liitle annoyed that i m just taking this course now. This has been one of the most useful courses, which i feel i am actually gaining  tools to better assist me in presenting material. The course should be one of the first courses you take.

Carl G’s thoughts on cheating

I really thought my red personality trait was going to come out in this blog, based on the title and concept of cheating.  Cheating is a dirty word, especially as as a Police Officer. From an early age i have been taught it’s  bad to cheat, i pass this lesson on to my daughter. You shouldn’t cheat  at sports, on tests, or in a relationship, however, I feel the article is taking away the normal concept of cheating as a bad action and Dave is using the word and this article as one of hidden learning objectives, which i will mention later.

What i get out of the article is that we as instructors/facilitators need to better understand how to assess the learning of our students. As Dave said  in the article ref assigning a grade value, “The idea of saying that you understood 92% of the ‘right”… is outrageous.  Just because on that given day you can recall 92% of the answers does not reflect on your true understanding of a topic. I will use my personal experience from high school where i really didn’t apply myself at all. I passed with 50-60%, didn’t bother applying myself in English(as most of you can tell in my writing  because i could not relate how knowing MC Beth would help me obtain my career goal of becoming a Police Officer.

Due to my subject matter, being firearms, the testing is  performance based, can they repeatedly demonstrate the skill set required by hitting the target. So i don’t feel there is a whole lot of room for cheating.

To me  by Dave telling the students to cheat, he is simply leading them to learn, and the best part is they don’t even realize they are learning.   If you consider the Canadian Military definition of Leadership ” the art of influencing human behavior to accomplish a mission in the manner desired by the leader”, this is what he is doing. By removing the limitations on the learner, the end goal is still the same, but by allowing cheating the students are buying in to the learning.  I don’t view this definition of cheating as  traditional.


Carl G’s first Blog

I am still not sure of what my expectations are of the course as of yet. Today seemed to go by very fast with a lot of communication, which was much better then being stuck on a computer.  It was good to see some familiar faces from other courses and meet some new people.  I enjoy social interaction and would much rather have a face to face conversation with a person, instead of sending something in an email or text.

One goal for the course would be to learn more about technology and find better ways to utilise it in my subject matter (firearms). Right now I feel because of what I teach, the use of technology is very limited to power points or videos. I have had little to no exposure with the use of technology myself, however, I really hope this courses opens up some new avenues for me to proceed down as an instructor. I would like to take away some new forms or mediums that I can incorporate in my class to keep the lecture side of things interesting. I hope to discover some new types of technology that will assist in this goal.

One idea that I had today while driving home was  to develop a website,  where I could upload some safety training information or videos in relation to  firearms training, as the safety aspect is the same for all weapons systems and all levels, be it a recruit level or instructor level.  As my current students range from in house Cadets, to shift workers living everywhere from Nunavut to Ontario,  I think having this information available to them at their convenience would be of great benefit.  Again this would be a pre-course assignment, as I would still have to cover the information in class, due to the seriousness and complexity of the shooting on a live range.