Regarding the Grading Contracts…Brilliant

Regarding the grading contracts, I think it’s brilliant. Daves methods and use of the grading contract, I feel he does a well in depth, good organization and good detail. but seriously, ask yourselves right now if you already haven’t, ┬ádid the grading contract stick out in your mind and impress you at all?

Nathan D. Bubaker stated,

…..”it helped maximize their ( the students ) commitment to the course…”

I feel quite strongly about the use of the grading contracts in a positive way and also agree that it developes stronger communication faster, and a stronger mutual respect for one another. I’ve never came across it in any facility that I’ve worked in or attended, nor with any other teachers or instructors.

I feel also, that not everyone will have the same positive feedback, such as the few top graders of the course. The thing is, you can never please everyone all the time. Screw the few! They’re selfish and close minded anyhow.

I Also think that its fascinating, the idea of the grading contracts. An idea from the 70’s! And Dave, this is your second year trying the contract? Did I read that right? The way you presented it I figured it was of your own design and I look forward to trying the grading contract myself in my next course that I am to teach.

Self Analyzing using, Triself?

What the… what is that? and don’t say ‘what?’

Just trying to cock up an eyebrow or two. Perhaps a few hidden smirks. Anyhow, mind if I carry on?

Please do. Triself!? Keep digging that hole!

Sorry about that.

Sometimes we’re the pigeon, sometimes we’re the statue. I believe in this life from – peace & harmony to war & chaos; the forces that structure our consciousness must have balance, I believe we must harness, understand, accept then control both sides of the scale in order to lay the foundation as thick and as solid we choose for our own futures. In order to do this I feel I need to be open, fair and true to myself when, from time to time, I need to self analyze, self evaluate. So I have decided to do just that demo for my blog of Self Assessment and Self Remediation and Self Reflection.

Naturally, we fear what we don’t see, and we fear what we don’t understand. Well, these passed six days have been quite overwhelming.

I have always quickly omitted the idea every time someone had mentioned to me how valuable and useful the pc could be for me with all of the technologies it provides and how educational they can be. Dave said it perfect when he said,

“You can’t expect someone to learn while doing and by saying: okay click here-now here-scroll down to—here-there-click here-click there-click-click-click there-Dorothy click your heels…”

Well this week I came to learn and I assessed that is not how I am wired internally to learn. Not a great method for Nick.

I never thought by applying a group chat on twitter or even Moogle could be used as a guiding or learning tool in my field of expertise. Shared documents by a group or team of students, peers or colleagues. Even when I watched Dave’s demonstration of Moogle with an on-line group. I still quickly omitted the idea, not giving it a chance. Evernote, Dropbox, and slideshare; I never realized how ignorant, close minded and oblivious I was! I thought I was the most open minded person that walked this earth! Just ask me!

Into day three and four, I was still having doubts and stressed. I was ultimately still blind to the big picture of using any means and tools to have your students successfully learn and retain from the lessons provided from you. Being it my job to find the ways for the learners brains to absorb the information I present to them.

During a self realization in a self assessment in persuit, now, of self remedies…?? Right? Yeah…I come to another conclusion that all of this technology that I was so ignorant about and so quick to dismiss all notions of using such tools, that I was scared myself. Scared of looking foolish somehow, scared to ask for help, scared to take the time to learn, and besides, when it came to computers and cell phones I always had someone to do it for me or to bail me out.

Each and everyone of us learn and retain at a different rate, and each one of us had a different level of knowledge about the tools and technologies introduced in this course. Some of us for the first time, and some of us will use these devices more frequent or more seldom than others. Obvious facts, I feel, Dave has come to terms with, but that is not said for all teachers. One major key; keeping the students attention for x amount of time of the day. Focus and to keep interested, Dave does an excellent job of that, something few teachers can do.  Something I will strive to do. Contract grading helps!



Back Trackin’ All the Way

The act alone or just the word itself; cheating, has traditionally been portrayed negatively and has always been taboo. Just to catch a faint whisper on the coming of autumn’s breeze is quickly omitted as an idea or as a planned action by most and labelled an immoral act, so how could cheating be used in a positive manner? Especially when you see educational in the same sentence or paragraph?

The majority of us learn more effectively by doing, with the hands on approach. Therefore, to fully understand the lesson intended, We’re to use experience as a teaching/learning technique.I also believe that the human brain retaining and applying any lesson taught can be greatly amplified by allowing and encouraging the students to experience it for themselves.

…..” when the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see things as they truly are.” – W. Blake –

By experiencing every aspect the lesson has to offer, even as unorthodox as it sounds, cheating, you’ll have a better understanding of not just the lesson itself, observe the other reactions and contents of other opinions and you may find a more in depth purpose and meaning when reality itself is merely perception.

I may have veered a little through this blog! Lets try another…