Rose’s blog post…at last

Good day everyone! Great to see some familiar faces and meet a couple new ones! Welcome to blog post number 1!

When I first signed up for this course, it was solely in the mindset of getting one step closer to completing my CAE.  I was not overly excited by the mornings only, over 2 weeks of my summer. That being said, when I asked around to other who had taken the course, I was a bit more optimistic.  When I think about where I am at with technology, let alone using it as an educational tool, and then where my students are at with techy things, I shudder!  because I am a good distance behind the 8 ball on a lot of techy things.  For this course, I am hoping to challenge myself to be more open to, and efficient with, digital media and using different technologies in the classroom. If that filters out into my personal life that would be great as well. I have taken all my CAE courses with a very practical outlook. I am looking for the everyday helpful applications that I can incorporate into my courses easily and effectively.  I am currently less interested in the philosophies behind it all. I trust that will come later as I become more comfortable in the classroom.

I began teaching at the college last July, and was immediately put in charge of 3 courses in our distance program. Needless to say, I was a bit out of my element. However, I managed to muddle through using rudimentary technological applications and programs. It didn’t go overly well and all I could think was, “ugh, I hope CAE teaches us how to teach a distance course” (aside from my inner voice saying RUN! RUN AWAY! ) J  I am hoping this is where this course comes in.  I teach a Trauma course this coming semester for our distance students. I am looking to revamp it and create a more interactive course that students will actually enjoy or at least take an active participation in. I have started to look (read “Googled it”) into ways to make interactive handouts and assignments. I am hoping these will allow for live documents and students who may not live near one another to still work in teams or groups. I value group work and see a true value in it when I use it with my onsite students. I am hoping to re-create this environment in the online world.  Dave mentioned Prezi today, which I am not familiar with. One of our faculty members has used it once or twice with success and I am eager to translate my never ending PowerPoints into interactive presentations, like Prezi, that get students involved in the material and maybe incorporate some of those interactive handouts in as well to help support the learning and give students a chance to practice or work through different Trauma assessments, skills, and procedures. I suppose overall, I am looking to support my own learning with some new technologies that I can be comfortable with and hopefully translate that into higher learning for the students. Let the learning begin!  J