Ed 366 Night #1

Great class!!! Learned how to use google docs and how to use a blog. Who would have thought Wanda MacInnis would have a blog post. Jen was a great mentor to Scott and I . She helped us get logged on to our blog.

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4 thoughts on “Ed 366 Night #1

  1. I promise that google docs is very easy to use, if you can use Microsoft Suite then you can use google docs. If you ever have questions, I can show you, we used it all the time in the MBA program and we used it for the last CAE course.

  2. Hope this class provides all the information we will need. I’m having a hard time just following what is going on so far.

  3. I am glad to read that there may be hope for me in this class after all as I feel that I am out on a limb and falling fast!

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