help wanted!

Please be patient with me as I have absolutely no idea what I am doing!

 I am really out of my element but I am really looking forward to learning to move forward in this new world of technology!

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2 thoughts on “help wanted!

  1. I have been procratinating for the past three days as I could not for the life of me remember how to get into my blog.

    I am totally impressed that I got this far in trying to leave a message in my blog but I am so lost at the moment. It has taken me nearly three hours to get this far so I will leave my submission here so that you know I am trying to fulfill my responsiblities as a class learner. It may be incorrect but I am trying.

    The grading contract is a new demention to my learning portfoilo. I have never had this type of marking scheme to consider before now. I am from the old school where I am asked to fulfill certain criteria for a mark in a given time period. I feel that I am at somewhat of a disadvantage in that technology is not my forte and will not be able to excel in the time provided.

    This does not mean I can not or do not what to learn but it may take a little longer that your average student. I want to learn so badly as I feel that if I do not take this chance now it may pass me by and I will not have another opportunity.Also,I could be left behind and not be able to move forward in the teaching profession because I do not have these skills. I really want to teach and know these skills are very imporant.

    I am so fearful as to failing this course. This would be like throwing a morgage payment out the window and this is something that I can not even consider.

    So with respect to the grading contract I am still on the fence as to how I feel about it. I want to be a good sport and be willing to open up to new ideas and oppotunities.
    In the back of my head I am holding the class back and personally not moving forward quickly enough.

    I need guidence as to what mark I should ask for in this class. If I say 100% and only obtain 75% then I pass and learn something along the way.If I only ask for 75% and do not do well then open the window! Fear is a great motivator.Maybe this is what I need to move forward with confidence.I guess I really do not understand what is required to fulfill this course.I have read the hard copy of the requirments but it is still a little unclear to me. I ask myself do I have the skills to get through and that is my hand up. I realy don’t and this scares the hell out of me.

    Again,I am still on the fence but I will ask you next class if there is hope for me because I really am excited about learning new things and want to do well. Help wanted and gladly accepted!

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