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This is my second U.P.E.I. course where the professor decided to use “Contract Grading”. I like the idea of “Contract Grading”, but it’s hard to determine how much work is required for each assignment and how much time will be required to complete each assignment. I like the fact that we can select a grade level goal at the beginning and have the option of lowering our grade level goal during the course if we don’t think the grade is obtainable for us.

For me, it would be easier if assignments were given a percentage and an exact due date on the course syllabus or if we could receive a copy of the grading spreadsheet. I’m finding trying to follow the course syllabus without the grading spreadsheet a little confusing. At this point, I’ll be striving to complete all the assignments.

I enjoyed our first class. I’m a hands on learner and I’m glad that we were able to jump right in and start without spending a lot of time on background information on system setups, networks and software programs. I don’t think it is necessary to know everything about something in order to utilize it fully and have it meet your needs. While I’ve owned several cars and drive one every day for years, I don’t know anything about their internal working or structure.

I’m interested to see what direction I can take our classroom project. My organization doesn’t utilize technology to its full capacity partially due to lack of resources and trained staff. I’m also very interested in the group document. If this document turns out well, it may be something that can be utilized by my workplace. Since I work in human resources, I will be looking for things that I can take back to my workplace. Since my organization is in the process of restructuring, I think it will be necessary for us to embrace technology and move away from paper documents in favour of electronic information.

On a personal note, I want to thank Wanda for bringing up the discussion regarding our class time. Having class from 6 – 9, works much better for me and enables me to balance family, work and class.

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3 thoughts on “Blog on Contract Grading/Class One Weekly Reflection

  1. Excellent points. I have to admit that I also am a little confused on the grading scheme and to figure out exactly what is expected from each option. From what I understand at this point It looks like we only have two options which are not mandatory therefore not a lot of choices. I am also really happy of the time change.

  2. The class project (peer assignment) will be a challenge, but I to am interested in how I can adapt my information into a computer based teaching session.

  3. In case you didn’t get it… here is the spreadsheet.

    I’m glad that you are already thinking your way through how the assignments can be helpful for your workplace. I think that’s an ideal way of looking at this course. As you start to see the technology as something that is useful to you, and you share those realizations, we’ll all learn from you at the same time.

    The collaborative document is something i’m excited about as well. It’s difficult for me no to just say ‘we’re going to do it this way’. That’s kind of my role at my day job, and while i have some ideas about how it could be done, i think that understanding hte project management part of a web based collaborative document is a key skill.

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