Contract Grading

First off it is great that our educator is trying something new in the form of a learning contract. From my own experience as an educator attempting new features cause sleepless nights, wondering if I got it right and agonizing over how receptive learners will be toward it.

Secondly, how come there is no spell check for blog comments? This will cause me some hardship, sometimes I cannot get the spelling close enough to allow spell check to fix it, guess I will have to revert to the past and use Webster.

I personally would like to have the educator layout the required work rather than negotiate a learning contract. I understand the reasoning behind having learners preform this task. We hope the learner will take onus in the learning process and therefore the whole learning experience will be more fulfilling. Even though negotiating a learning contract does not appeal to me I am fully on board. As John said in his blog, an individual learning contract makes more work for the facilitator not for the learner.

I am still unclear on the grading scheme; I guess I am missing something. The way I understand it, you negotiate a percentage grade by picking what you want to do, except for the mandatory assignments. For all assignments there are two grades satisfactory and unsatisfactory. So if a learner was to sign up for all elements in the course, attend all classes and provided decent assignments on time, this person would achieve 100%. Do not read too much into my comments I in no way am thinking of getting 100%, but there are people in our class that have the skills to do so. Please let me know if I am interpreting the grading scheme properly.

Wednesday’s class was great, very interactive.








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3 thoughts on “Contract Grading

  1. I feel the same way . I am still unclear as to how this all works. I am from the though process that I sort of need a direction and not to be stabbing in the dark when it comes to my learning. I am not tech savvy so this is truely an adventure into the great unknown. I do have faith that it will all work out and I personally will be impressed with myself and the out come. I also agree with you the there should be a spell check on blogs!

  2. Yeah… the 100% issue is one that i have had a few comments about. I personally don’t have a problem with people getting 100. I have a funny feeling that the registrar’s office might not feel the same way, but I’ll deal with that when the time comes. Could be a good topic of conversation for Wednesday :)

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