Views on Contract Grading

The idea of contract grading is a new concept for me. It is a bit daunting and unclear as to what will constitute a passing grade, after all, passing the course is the main objective and anything above that is gravy. Mandatory assignments still count, but it is difficult to quantify what lies between satisfactory and excellent. Would one still strive to do the course to the best of one’s ability and be marked accordingly, or is there some punishment (lesser grade) if we overstate our abilities. I hope this will all become clear when we collorabate with our fellow students and professor to come up with our own contract. Not being in the teaching profession, I feel at some disadvantage as to how this would work in a classroom environment. My goal is to teach English as a Second Language, so maybe students would find it empowering to choose their own learning curve, rather than have it dictated to them. It seems to me that  some Holland College courses use a similar approach in their learning/teaching processes. For myself, I will take this course a week at a time and try not to be overwhelmed by all the new concepts, such as, blogging as I’m doing now. It is quite amazing that before last class, I had no idea how to blog and here I am “blogging”.



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2 thoughts on “Views on Contract Grading

  1. Here you are blogging indeed! Congratulations.

    I started my own career as a teacher as a EFL teacher in South Korea. It certainly is a kind of teaching that requires alot of flexibility :)

    The question of a punishment for overstating your capabilities is one that has come up before. I don’t feel like this is necessary, but as several people have mentioned it, maybe we need to talk about it in class.


  2. This is my first go at blogging and I am positive it would not have happened if not for this course. As I get more comfrontable with it I think of ways it may be useful during my program year.

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